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Miss WoW 相信

  • 性是我們生命中一個重要的部份,性能為我們帶來歡愉帶來生命力;可是我們身處的文化以及缺乏全面性教育,讓性只帶來恐懼, 羞恥與內疚,令不少人遇到不同的性困難、迷惘、障礙、甚至暴力及壓迫。

  • 性權是人權,每個人都有權去獲得不同的正確、實證為本的性知識、也有權利不受批判地去發展自我。 

  • 我支持性小眾因為我相信在多元的社會裡,不論任何生理性別、性取向、性別認同及性別表達,每個人都可以安心地做最獨特的自己,這種社會是美麗的。 


Miss WoW believe ...

  • sexuality is part of us, it brings pleasure and joy to us. Yet, our culture and the lack of comprehensive sexuality education create fears, shame, and guilt to us , and these make people suffer from sexual difficulties, confusion, dysfunction, and even violence &  coercion.

  • The sexual right is also a human right, everyone should have the right to access to correct and evidence-based sexuality knowledge, to develop one sexual self without being judged.

  • I support LGBTIQ+ right as I  believe in the beauty of diversity in a society where people of different assigned sex,sexual orientation, sexual identity, and expression can be their authentic self and brings peace and beauty..

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