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未來城市:性教育如何教? 家長老師先上一課 29/5/22 明圾副刊
Teenage pregnancy: tips for parents on talking to their daughter, her boyfriend and facing their own emotions
The Naked Truth “Coming out to your parents: why they may take it badly, and what they should do instead”

South China Morning Post - The Naked Truth 

"How to teach kids about sex: parents’ guide to talking with children and how Hong Kong schools are dropping the ball

HK01 interview 2.jpeg
曾為男友想過隆胸 今日不再自卑:我愛我的平胸
HK01 interview 1.jpeg
「豪爽女人」Miss WoW:AV真是害人不淺
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【女性夜生活相展】每晚都是一場運動 讓港女蒲出一條新街
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